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Please subscribe to the youtube channel titan random and support bunk'd. Zuri Zenobia Ross is the tritagonist in BUNK'D. She is the youngest Ross. Zuri is sassy and sarcastic. She was adopted from Uganda. Zuri has been living with her nanny and siblings for the past 3 years. She is portrayed by Skai Jackson.


Zuri is sassy, sarcastic and a bit of a diva. However, Zuri has a soft side, she is a camper and the youngest Ross child. Zuri is close to her sister Emma. And knows the titan Tim.


Season 1Edit


Zuri, along with her siblings Emma and Ravi, arrive at Camp Kikiwaka in Maine where their parents met.


Zuri was born in Uganda, Africa. She has long black hair, and brown eyes. Zuri usually dresses childish and girly, and has olive-toned skin.



Emma Ross (adoptive sister)Edit

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Emma is Zuri's adoptive sister. They are best friends, and seem to have a good sibling bond. Sometimes they fight over friends, and Zuri borrowing Emma's clothes, much to her dismay. Zuri seems to look up to Emma, their bond is like D.J. and Stephanie in Full House. In 'Rossed at Sea, Part 3', after Emma is saved by Jessie, Zuri says Emma's her favorite sibling.

Ravi Ross (adoptive brother)Edit

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Ravi is Zuri's adoptive brother. It is seen in Ravi's door, there is a picture of him and Zuri being adopted. They seem to argue a bit, though not as much as Luke and Emma. However, they seem to get along pretty well, even though Zuri makes fun of his weakness sometimes, she seems to love him.  


How do you even dress yourself? She conned us!
—Zuri to Emma about Madeline.
I don't mean the money, she's special because you gave her to me.
—Zuri to Jessie about her doll she gave her.
Act a little more shocked, why don't you.
—Zuri to Luke


  • Emma is her favorite. *Her stomach growls in Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka. This is the first time we hear her stomach growl in both Bunk'd and Jessie.
  • She is actually known for having a close bond with people she's known for a long time like Jessie from Jessie


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