Xander McCormickis a main character in Bunk'd. He is portrayed by Kevin G. Quinn.

Personality Edit

Xander is layed back. He doesn't enforce rules that much but he makes sure campers follow them. He just wants campers to have fun.


He has brown eyes and hair.


Welcome to Camp KikiwakaEdit

Gone GirlEdit

Camp RulesEdit

Smells Like Camp SpiritEdit


Xander has a Relationship with Emma because Xander plans to date Emma. In a fishing Competition Emma and Xander enter together and find out they don't really have anything in common They are also deep friends.

Hazel and Xander have a relationship as Enemies because Hazel even looks at Xander out of his window.


I know every smell that Jorge makes but that's not one of them.

BIG STINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who does cancer hate include them all including animals


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