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Season Two


Premiere Episode

Griff Is in the House

Premiere Date

August 23, 2016

Finale Episode


Finale Date



Season 1

Season 2 was confirmed Febuary 29, 2016. its air date is August 23, 2016.

Synonsis Edit

Siblings Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross leave their extravagant New York City penthouse once again to return to Camp Kikiwaka, a rustic summer camp in Maine where their parents met as teenagers. Season two finds Emma excited to reunite with her best friend at camp, Ravi continuing to be the family’s voice of reason and Zuri charming campers alike with her clever and spirited wit. Emma and Ravi resume their role as CIT’s (Counselor In Training) bringing with them the experiences from their first summer at camp. Together with Zuri, her best friend and bunk-mate Tiffany, the cheerful head counselor Lou, the camp heartthrob Xander, and the hilariously imaginative Jorge, the campers embark on new and exciting adventures during their stay at Camp Kikiwaka. The friends welcome an unexpected camper with a dubious past named Griff, Xander gets to showcase his musical talents, familiar faces return for a visit and special friendships are formed and solidified, all the while overcoming unforeseen encounters that arise.


Confirmed DatesEdit

These are confirmed episodes with confirmed airdates.Edit

  1. 08/23/16 - Griff is in the House! (201)
  2. 08/24/16 - Dance in My Pants (202)
  3. 08/25/16 - Zuri Has a Little Lamb (203)
  4. 08/26/16 - Weasel Out (205)
  5. 09/16/16 - Queen of Screams (207)
  6. 09/30/16 - Luke Out Below (206)
  7. 10/07/16 - Camp Kiki-slasher (204)
  8. 10/28/16 - Treehouse of Terror (209)
  9. 11/04/16 - Tidal Wave (208)
  10. 11/11/16 - Fog'd In (212)
  11. 12/02/16 - How the Griff Stole Christmas (211)
  12. 02/24/17 - Food Fight (217)
  13. 03/03/17 - Mother May I? (210)
  14. 03/17/17 - Mud Fight (216)
  15. 03/24/17 - Dog Days of Summer (214)
  16. 03/31/17 - Bad Dog! (215)
  17. 04/07/17 - Camp Stinky Waka (218)
  18. 04/14/17 - Cabin vs. Cabin (219)
  19. 04/21/17 - Dreams Come True (220)
  20. 04/28/17 - We Didn't Start the Fire (221)
  21. 05/24/17 - The Great Escape (213)


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

Special Guest CastEdit


  • Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday August 23rd and air one episode each night until August 26th. It will then air on September 16th at 8/7c.
  • This season takes place a year after Season 1.
  • Bertram and the penthouse make an appearance in the premiere episode.
  • Luke will make his second appearance this season in, Luke Out Below.
  • Christina Ross will make her first appearance in Mother May I?
  • So far, 3 characters from Jessie make an appearance in BUNK'D: Luke Ross, Bertram Winkle, and Christina Ross, including the penthouse hallway.

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